Dr. Alexey Root

Dr. Alexey Root

09 October 2014
  The beginners learned the values of the chessmen, for example a queen is worth nine pawns. Then the beginners played Exercise 7 “Queen versus Rook and Bishop.” from Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities. Dr. Root tested the handful of intermediate and advanced students on their knowledge of en passant who had not been previously tested. While Dr. Root tested those students individually, the rest of the students…
04 October 2014
  Dr. Alexey Root will present about “Chess in Libraries and Schools” on Friday, October 10 (2-4 p.m., Dorris Van Doren Branch Library) and Saturday, October 11 (10 a.m. to noon, Ysleta Branch Library). These El Paso, Texas presentations are free and open to the public. The October 11 presentation is followed by a chess tournament.
30 September 2014
  For Beginners: Dr. Root asked how to move a bishop from one location to another in the fewest number of moves. For example, "How can you move a bishop from f1 to f5?" (Similar drill will be done for capturing on f5). The student should respond either, "Bf1-d3-f5" or "Bf1-h3-f5." After one of those possible best responses, Dr. Root moved the bishop as indicated. Practice: Then students partnered up to…
23 September 2014
  Dr. Root taught mazes to the beginners. After Dr. Root presented a sample maze on the demonstration board, students set up a mazes for each other then captured each chessman in the maze with a rook. From Science, Math, Checkmate: 32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving. For intermediate and advanced groups, Dr. Root taught the en passant rule. The intermediate group then played a Pawn Game (see…
23 September 2014
  For four years (1991, 1996, 2004, and 2005) I taught at Hummingbird Chess Camp, held during one week of the Hummingbird Music Camp (Jemez Springs, NM). The founder of the chess camp, Elliott Higgins, passed away today. Hummingbird is a magical place. I am grateful to Elliott for hiring me to teach at the camp. He also gave wonderful tours, told great stories, and had a passion for music…
16 September 2014
  For the first meeting of Greenhill Chess for the fall of 2014, chess club sponsor Cathleen Garcia went over the rules and procedures. Alexey Root taught the Classify activity (from Thinking with Chess: Teaching Children Ages 5-14) to the beginner group. She taught the Scholar’s Mate activity (from Read, Write, Checkmate: Enrich Literacy with Chess Activities) to the intermediate and advanced groups.
  Dr. Alexey Root taught at the Greenhill School Chess Camp July 14-18 and July 21-25, 12:30-3:30 p.m. each day. The first week she had 12 students and the second week 10 students. Two other coaches had other groups: One had a less advanced group and the other a more advanced group. In Dr. Root's group, most students (ages 5-8; entering grades 1-4 this fall) started the week knowing the…
21 May 2014
Thanks to those who joined Denton High School chess club players and tournament director Alexey Root at a non-rated tournament for middle and high school students on Saturday, May 24. UPDATED: Results are at this link.
09 May 2014
  Ten Denton High School chess club students welcomed 20 students (and their parents and chess sponsor) from Newton Rayzor Elementary. The high school students taught small groups (2-4 students) the two-rook checkmate, the Pawn Game (or Battleship Chess), and UIL Chess Puzzle solving. The elementary students had time to practice. Dr. Alexey Root dismissed the elementary school students with a game of chess Simon Says. The activities taught today…
25 April 2014
  Denton High School students played bughouse. Three new members learned chess from the Chess Club Secretary. There was food, particularly lots of cookies. This was the last regular meeting of the 2013-2014 year. However, two more important events are coming up May 9 (visit of elementary school students) and May 24 (tournament at Denton Public Library).


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