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Written by Alexey W. Root on Fri, Jan 24 2014 (20:09)

Eleven students attended Denton High School chess club on Friday, January 24, 2014. Eight students solved the “three-on-three” pawn problem from Science, Math, Checkmate: 32 Chess Activities for Inquiry and Problem Solving then played chess for fun. Three students went across the hall to train for the State tournament, coming up Feb. 8-9. 2014.

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Written by Alexey W. Root on Wed, Jan 15 2014 (22:31)

Dr. Alexey Root asked the beginners if a black rook on a8 could stop five white pawns, on White’s second rank, from promoting if White moved first. The beginners thought not, so Dr. Root called on them to make the pawn moves and she made the rook moves. Then the beginners experimented in pairs with pawns all on the third rank, all on the fourth rank, all on the fifth rank, and with pawns adjacent to each other or not. After experimenting, Dr. Root led a discussion about where to position a rook to stop pawns and that pawns were stronger the further up the board that they progressed.

For the intermediates and advanced groups, Dr. Root allowed students to play in pairs or solo against her in a simultaneous exhibition. The students chose the start position for each individual simul game and had to notate the game.

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Written by Alexey W. Root on Wed, Jan 08 2014 (21:30)

For beginners, Dr. Root reviewed on the demonstration board how to checkmate with a king and two rooks against a king. Then Dr. Root played a simultaneous exhibition (simul) against them where they had two rooks and a king and Dr. Root had a king. Students were in groups of two against Dr. Root and were told to decide together on their next move as they were waiting for Dr. Root.

The intermediate students acted out the king and pawn against king win while Dr. Root showed it on the demonstration board. Those who were not actors had to develop the theme of the show (cat vs. mice) and answer questions about what move was next. Then they played the ending against each other AND had to go all the way to checkmate when they promoted to a queen.
The advanced students played out a position that Dr. Root had against an expert player. The students notated their game fragments. Then there was a discussion of what actually happened in that game and how it related to king and pawn and king and rook endgames.

Written by Alexey W. Root on Sat, Dec 21 2013 (14:53)

The match was played December 21, 2013 at the Denton Public LIbrary, North Branch. Time control was G/75. The first name listed played White. 1-0 means White won. 0-1 means Black won. 1/2-1/2 means draw.
Official Games (where a UNT student played a DHS student) resulted in a 3.5-1.5 win for UNT
Mark Fincher (UNT, Junior, Math) 0-1 William Root (DHS, 12th grade)
Bryan Scott Stevens (UNT, Master's Music Theory) 1-0 Tony Gao (DHS, 9th grade)
Daniel Frohlich (UNT, B.S. Math December 2013) 1-0 Shawn Joss (DHS, 12th grade)

Tyler Joss (DHS, 12th grade) 0-1 Christopher Pride (UNT, Junior, English)
Caitlyn Vann (UNT, Junior, Forensic Science) 1/2-1/2 Noor Jebbeh (DHS, 12th grade)


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Written by Alexey W. Root on Sat, Dec 14 2013 (07:21)

Eight students attended the last Denton High School chess club meeting of 2013, which meant two games of bughouse during the party. There was food and soda available too. Next event is the Denton High School chess match against the University of North Texas, December 21, North Branch Library.

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Written by Alexey W. Root on Wed, Dec 04 2013 (19:59)

Dr. Alexey Root taught the two-rook checkmate to the beginners. Then children partnered up to practice the checkmate or to be tested on it against Dr. Root. As children passed a two-rook test against Dr. Root, they became "testers" and tested/taught the others. Then Dr. Root reviewed the notated chess games of two pairs of intermediate/advanced chess players. Then Dr. Root organized a game of chess “Simon Says” to take advantage of the 78 degree weather (since ice is expected tomorrow). While Simon Says was in progress, the advanced students rehearsed their plays teaching the K and P against K win, which was taught last week. The advanced students presented their plays and then Dr. Root reviewed the pattern once more.

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