The 2008 FKB US Chess Championship Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Here is the schedule for both championship events at the
Radisson Hotel Tulsa.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: CDT- Central Daylight Time

Player Meeting: May 12, 9pm
Tuesday, May 13, Round 1, 2:30pm
Wednesday, May 14, Round 2, 2:30pm
Thursday, May 15, Round 3, 2:30pm
Friday, May 16, Round 4, 2:30pm
Saturday, May 17, Round 5, 2:30pm
Sunday, May 18, Round 6, 2:30pm
Monday, May 19, Round 7, 2:30pm
Tuesday, May 20, Round 8, 2:30pm

Wednesday, May 21, Round 9, 2:15pm
Closing Ceremony: May 21, 9pm

Current Local Time and Weather in Tulsa


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-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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