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Here are the player rosters for the two Championships, including rating and source of their qualification (scroll down for more information about players):


1 GM Alexander SHABALOV 2697 Current Champion
2 GM Alexander ONISCHUK 2728 Rating
3 GM Gregory KAIDANOV 2697 Rating
4 GM Dmitry GUREVICH 2594 *

5 GM Varuzhan AKOBIAN 2666 Rating
6 GM Yury SHULMAN 2664 Rating
7 GM Boris GULKO 2623 U.S. Open Champion
8 GM Julio BECERRA 2637 Rating
9 GM Alexander IVANOV 2622 Rating
10 GM Eugene PERELSHTEYN 2615 Rating
11 GM Sergey KUDRIN 2610 Rating
12 IM Benjamin FINEGOLD 2607 Rating
13 GM Alex YERMOLINSKY 2587 Qualifier
14 GM John FEDOROWICZ 2531 Qualifier
15 GM Jesse KRAAI 2569 Qualifier
16 IM Dean IPPOLITO 2499 Qualifier
17 IM David PRUESS 2497 Qualifier
18 FM Daniel LUDWIG 2429 Qualifier
19 NM Sam SHANKLAND 2296 Qualifier
20 IM Josh FRIEDEL 2511 Wild Card
21 FM Michael LANGER 2322 Wild Card
22 Sergey GALANT 2176 Wild Card

23 IM David VIGORITO 2471 WCL Qualifier

24 IM Larry KAUFMAN 2398 U.S. Senior Champ Qualifier
*Dmitry Gurevich is replacing GM Jaan Ehlvest, who had to withdraw one week before the tournament start.



1 IM Irina KRUSH 2515 Current Champion
2 IM Anna ZATONSKIH 2490 Rating
3 WGM Katerine ROHONYAN 2318 Rating
4 WIM Batchimeg TUVSHINTUGS 2289 Rating
5 WFM Tatev ABRAHAMYAN 2280 Rating
6 WIM Tsagaan BATTSETSEG 2251 Rating
7 WFM Iryna ZENYUK 2205 Qualifier
8 WFM Chouchanik AIRAPETIAN 2143 Wild Card
9 Courtney JAMISON 2064 Wild Card

10 WM Esther EPSTEIN* 2194 (replacement for Rusa Goletiani)


About Chess Players



Alexander SHABALOV — Grandmaster

Defending Champion. “Shabba” was a student of World Champion Mikhail Tal in Latvia. "If the position after my move becomes more complicated then the game is going in the right direction."

Alexander ONISCHUK — Grandmaster

2006 U.S. Champion. Immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine in 2001. Has worked with elite players like Karpov and Topalov.

Gregory KAIDANOV — Grandmaster

The “Lexington Lion” from Kentucky is a top GM and the top coach of young chess stars in the U.S.

Dmitry GUREVICH — Grandmaster

Born in Moscow in 1956 and immigrated here in 1980. Has won the National Open 6 times. Veteran player and chess coach.

Varuzhan AKOBIAN — Grandmaster

Young Armenian-born “Var” moved to California in 2001. He models his play after the great Petrosian.

Yury SHULMAN — Grandmaster

The popular GM from Belarus stayed in the U.S. after attending UTD. He is an active chess teacher.

Boris GULKO — Grandmaster

The only man who has won both the U.S.S.R. and U.S. titles. The veteran GM now lives in New Jersey.

Julio BECERRA — Grandmaster

Defected from Cuba to the U.S. in 1999 during the FIDE world championship. Now lives in Miami.

Alexander IVANOV — Grandmaster

The perfectionist time-pressure-prone Boston GM is easy to spot: he stares at the ceiling during play.

Eugene PERELSHTHEYN — Grandmaster

Computer scientist who works for Symantec in Maryland and who earned the GM title in 2006.

Sergey KUDRIN — Grandmaster

One of the first Soviet chess defectors to the U.S. and long-time veteran GM on the chess circuit.

Benjamin FINEGOLD — International Master

The “world’s highest-rated IM” needs just one more norm for the GM title. Lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Alex YERMOLINSKY — Grandmaster

“Yermo” was a chemist in the Soviet Union but has been a pro GM in the USA since 1990. 1996 Champ.

John FEDOROWICZ — Grandmaster

“The Fed” is a veteran American GM who brings his Bronx accent and playing style to Tulsa.

Jesse KRAAI — Grandmaster

Jesse earned his GM title last year, at the relatively late age of 35, and earned a spot at the Qualifier Open.

Dean IPPOLITO — International Master

“The Dean of Chess” runs a popular chess school by that name in New Jersey. Won the Qualifier Open.

David PRUESS — International Master

Qualifier Pruess is a young player from California just one step away from becoming a grandmaster.

Daniel LUDWIG — FIDE Master

A talented 17-year-old “Qualifier” from Florida, who won the 2006 U.S. Masters tournament.

San SHANKLAND — National Master

The 16-year-old from California suprisingly edged out several GMs at the Qualifier Open to win a spot here.

Josh FRIEDEL — International Master

A “wild card” invitation was given to Josh, the current Samford Fellowship winner.

Michael LANGER — FIDE Master

Michael was a “wild card”, and made an International Master norm at last year’s championship.

Sergey GALANT — Expert

The current Oklahoma champion from Oklahoma City, a “wild card” entry.

Larry KAUFMAN — International Master

2008 U.S. Senior champ. Also top expert at Shogi (Japanese chess).

David VIGORITO — International Master

This fine author of opening books qualified by winning the Tournament of State Champions.



Irina KRUSH — International Master

Defending Champion. Irina also won the title in 1998 at age 14 and is very active on the chess circuit. She graduated from NYU with a degree in International Relations.

Anna ZATONSKIH — International Master

2006 champion. Married to German chess champion GM Daniel Fridman, with a one-year-old child.

Katerine ROHONYAN — National Master

“Kat-Ro” finished 3rd last year. She is an experienced master and an IT major at UMBC in Baltimore.

Batchimeg TUVSHINTUGS — National Master

“Chimi” is from Mongolia and has earned a repu-tation for beating GMs, despite her diminuitive size.

Tatev ABRAHAMYAN — National Master

A student at Cal State in Psychology. She finished 2nd in 2005 and 3rd in 2006 and has a sharp style.

Tsagaan BATTSETSEG — National Master

Also from Mongolia, where she was many times champion. Came here in 2003 to study at UMBC.

Iryna ZENYUK — National Master

Iryna gets her degree in Aerospace Engineering this month from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn.

Esther EPSTEIN — Expert

A Systems Manager at the Bio Molecular Engineering Research Center at Boston University.

Chouchanik AIRAPETIAN — Expert

Popular “Chouchan” from Seattle can be very tough when she is having a good tournament. Wild card.

Courtney JAMISON — Expert

The local wild card went to the talented Texas high school student who is also an accomplished singer.


Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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