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Round 3 Summary by Tom Braunlich PDF Print E-mail
Thu, May 15 2008 (20:23)

Round 3 had several “paired” game themes:


In both Onischuk – Perelstheyn and Zatonskih – Jamison whitetraded a queen for three pieces and won with them. See Stein's video analysis of the Onischuk game. Anna tried to convince me they had planned it all together inadvance, but I don’t buy it. ;-)


In Becerra – Yermolinsky and Fedorowicz – Vigorito whitesacrificed the exchange for a mobile passed d-pawn escorted by a dark-squarebishop and ran the pawn down to queen.


Chess Player
WIM Batchimeg TUVSHINTUGS is originally from Mongolia.


Two games had early theoretical novelties. David Pruessuncorked what seems to be a new move on move four of the King’s gambit(declined) with 4. Bb5!? He said he did it on the spur of the moment because heliked the pawn structure it led to. Ippolito reacted naturally and with 9…Bd4seemed to be winning material. But 10 Bb3! and 12. Qd2 showed it was all aclever pawn gambit by white for lots of activity in the endgame. Dean’s 14… 0-0 was thought tobe an error and 14…Nc5 or 14…f6 did fairly well in the post-mortem. Pruessclosed it out impressively shredding black’s kingside in a queenless attack.


Another early novelty occurred in Shankland – Galant. Sam’s 11.b3!? Is a very natural looking move that is not in ChessBase according toSergey. Combined with the quick Nf3-d4-f5 the fianchettoed bishop quickly led ahuge kingside attack. The cute point was that after 14. Rad1 black would liketo oppose bishops with 14… Nxd2 15. Rxd2, Ne4 hitting the rook and followingwith Bf6. However, white then has 16. Nf5!, Nxd2 17. Qg4! g6 18. Nh6+ winningthe queen.


Larry Kaufman, aided by his pal Rybka, prepared a surprisefor Langer’s usual Benoni. In the resulting sharp position Michael slipped with29…e3? 30 fe3, Re3 (...Nf5!?) 31. b5.


Gulko – Shulman was a complex Catalan in which whitegambited a center pawn, counting on black’s cramped position for compensation.But Yury hung on and was eventually able claw his way out of trouble and free his position.


Ludwig had another solid draw against another 2600+ player. Shabalov wentafter the 17-year-old with an IQP-style attack, but Daniel repulsed it with 16. Bh5 + 17. Qf3 + 18. Bd4. Alexgambited his isolani but had just enough pressure for it to keep the balance.


Two 2-0 leadersmet in the women’s event. Krush’s odd Sveshnikov-style opening seemed to beplaying with fire. It is related to an earlier game of hers this year.Tuvshintugs seemed to be getting a positional bind, but .20 Be3 (?) Bh6! turnedthe tables (with the idea of gaining control of d4 for a knight).


Epstein had Battsetseg on the ropes but she allowed black a surprising breakout shot with 17...d5!



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And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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