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Fri, May 16 2008 (18:49)

Many terrific games this round.


Kudrin defeated Akobian to take the lead with 3.5 points. Akobian had prepared the unusual Philidor-type move 3…Nbd7 and was surprised by Kudrin’s aggressive “Keres Attack” 4.g4 thrust. Later Varuzhan sacrificed a piece for two pawns but after 23. f4! didn’t get enough compensation.

Chess Player
GM Yury Shulman attended University of Texas Dallas. 


Vigorito – Ludwig featured some fine tactical shots beginning with 20… Nhxf4. White’s knight forks were countered with deadly bishop pins. The players demonstrated some great variations such as 25. Nxd8 (which we were expecting in the commentary room) 25…Qxd4+ 26. Qe3, Qxe3 27. Nxe3, Bd4! 28. Re1, Re4 29. Kf2, Re7 trapping the knight and leading to a somewhat better endgame for black. Vigorito played it another way that led to similar pins, but was able to get just enough counterplay in the ending to reach a drawn position with the “wrong” bishop.


Larry Kaufman was winning again Gurevich but messed up the ending somehow and let the GM off with a draw. Yermo nursed a slight edge to beat Ivanov. Galant got on the scoreboard with a draw against Langer (his third black in a row).


On the women’s side, again all games were decisive. Both leaders won again to go 4-0. Anna Z won a nice ending against Kat Ro. Meanwhile Krush had to work to beat Jamison, but eventually got the point.


Abrahamyan won her third game in a row, a sharp Winawer French against Airapetian. Zenyuk got on the scoreboard with her first full point. And Battsetseg beat fellow Mongolian Tuvshintugs in a Giuco Piano that started getting sharp around move 30.

Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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