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Fri, May 16 2008 (12:49)

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 c5?!
I don't like this move, because now after cd black can't take ed because of Bg5 and it's a bad Tarrasch defense for him.

5.cd Nd5 6.e4 Nc3 7.bc cd 8.cd Nc6 usually black has preferred to play 8...Bb4+ 9.Bd2 Qa5 10.Be2 Bd2 11.Qd2 Qd2 12.Kd2 with a slightly better ending for white.


9.a3 to prevent Bb4+ and to preserve the dark-square bishops, which is for sure better for white.


9...Be7 10.Bd3 0-0 black can't take with Nd4 because of 11.Nd4 Qd4 12.Bb5+ and then Qd4.


11.Bb2 Qa5+ 12.Kf1! the position after 12.Qd2 Qd2+ 13.Kd2 is about equal.

12...b6 13.Qe2 to prevent Ba6, exchanging bishops. 13...Bb7 14.h4! Rac8 15.Rh3! very risky but at the same time, very strong!


15...Nb8?! it's hard to suggest a good move for black but after this, white's attack is very easy. For example, if black plays 15...Rfd8 16.Rg3 Bf8 17.e5 Ne7 18.Bh7 Kh7 19.Ng5+ Kg8 20.Qg5 with mate.


16.d5! sacrificing the pawn and opening the bishop's diagonal ed 17.Rg3 f6 now 17...g6 is also losing 18.ed Bd6 (if Qd5 19.Qe7 Qd3 20.Kg1 Nd7 21.Ne5 ) 19.Ng5! Bg3 (Qd5 20.Nh7 Kh7 21.Rg5) 20.Qh5!!! gh 21.Bh7 mate.


18.Nd4! white now has to play very actively, because black needs only 1 tempo to equalize. de 19.Qg4 Rf7 20.Be4 h5 21.Qe6 the position is almost losing but black tries his last chance...


Be4 22.Qc8+ Kh7 23.Qb8 Qd2 24.Qe8! Bd5 25.Rg7


Giving no chance. Qb5 is also winning. Kg7 26.Nf5+ Kh7 27.Ne7 Bg2 28.Kg1! 1-0 A very nice game by Akobian.


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