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Wed, May 14 2008 (20:03)

Kaidanov and Kudrin took the lead with 2 points. Kaidanov won a masterful game. Following Gurevich’s early rook lift he won a Q+P for a R+N in the middlegame and carefully nursed that edge to win thanks to 60…Qf2+! 61. Ke6, Bxe5 when recapturing the knight allows 62…Qf6 mate.

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IM Irina Krush graduated from NYU with a degree in International Relations.


Kraai also ended up trying to win with Q+P vs. R + minor piece, but this was arrived at in a much different way. Akobian parted with his queen for three minor pieces and seemed to have a good position until Kraai cleverly trapped the wayward knight and was able to win two pieces for his rook. But the resulting endgame was very tough to win with all pawns on one side, and Akobian was able to build a fortress and draw.


Yury Shulman played a beautiful positional game to beat Pruess. 15. Nb6! gave him tripled pawns yet gave him a big bind on the queenside and dark squares. Still, it was hard to see how he could exploit it, and in the endgame he was even down a pawn with nothing but three b-pawns to go with his R+N. But black’s b7 pawn proved fatally weak, and when it fell the lead tripled pawn became a winner.


Finegold-Ludwig reached a somewhat similar middlegame, but the young Florida FM reacted forcefully and soon had Ben under some pressure before a blocked position led to a draw. I was impressed by Daniel in the postmortem as he showed not only a lot of tactical variations, but also an excellent understanding of the strategies from this opening.


When Becerra played an unusual move against Fedorowicz’s Taimanov Sicilian, (f4) the Fed got ambitious and propelled his e5 forward to open the dark squares. But Julio refuted it with a temporary piece sac. His 16 e5 caught black’s king in the center and then 19. Qe1+ nicely transposed into a winning ending. During the post-mortem John opined that 11…d6 first, intending …e5, was stronger. i.e. 12. h3, e5. See IM Stein’s analysis.


Onischuk and Shabalov both posted a win, both going early into a complex multi-piece endings against Ippolito and Kaufman, respectively, and winning nicely.


Irina Krush won straightforwardly after winning a piece in the opening. Epstein never had much compensation. Zatonskih kept pace by winning a difficult rook ending. In the commentary room we thought that Chouchan might have missed drawing chances with 66. Kg5 instead of 66.Kf3.


Tuvshintugs also kept pace, winning another game with black — a nice Ruy Lopez victory over Courtney Jamison.


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And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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