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Make Money by Promoting the World's Best Chess Products!


For chess website owners, this is a great way to earn some extra money without actually having to sell anything. All it involves is placing a MonRoi ad on your website. Affiliate marketing is considered one of the best ways to earn money online. Best of all, Affiliates never pay fees or charges of any kind.


Why Join?


  • Get 7 % commission per sale, which is one of the highest incentives around,
  • Earn more revenue from your website,
  • Set-up your account online fast and free,
  • Promote the world’s best chess products,
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  • Get reliable on-line tracking reports on how much money you have made.


Opening an account will provide opportunities you can't afford to miss. Just follow these simple steps and start earning right away:

  1. Sign-Up for Free as a MonRoi affiliate.
  2. Incorporate MonRoi’s banner into your web-site.
  3. Earn 7 % commission on every sale of MonRoi PCM referred by your web-site.
  4. Earn $10 just for signing-up!


  • You own a chess website or blog, whether for profit or non-profit,
  • Your web-site attracts more than 500 unique chess visitors per month.


MonRoi automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site which your readers will find useful. With MonRoi Affiliate Program you earn more ad revenue with minimal effort, and no additional cost.


Once your registration is processed and approved, MonRoi activates your sales tracking information and you can access MonRoi banners and text links. When you post them to your site, you can begin earning money. Whenever your web-site visitors purchase at MonRoi through one of these links you earn commission.


Any commissions you earn will be posted in your stats after of a successful purchase. MonRoi issues checks once monthly to all qualified accounts. Commissions are sent out every month via check to all Affiliates who have accumulated at least $100 in commissions. If you do not meet the $100 threshold in a given month, your commissions will roll to the next month until you meet the $100 threshold.


There is absolutely no cost to become a MonRoi Affiliate. Start earning money today! Simply complete the Online Application.

Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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