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Head, Organizing Committee: Ted Winick.


Chief Organizer: David Cohen, IA.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mark S. Dutton, IA
Chief Arbiter

Tournament Directors

Mark S. Dutton, IA
Chief Arbiter
Tournament Director, Blitz Championship


Aris Marghetis, FA
Deputy Arbiter & Assistant Tournament Director, Open Section
Tournament Director, Blitz Championship

Natalia Khoudgarian, WIM
Assistant Tournament Director, Under 2000 Section


Vladimir Dobrich

Judge, Best Game and Brilliancy Prizes

Maia Tsaboshvili
Assistant Organizer



Rick Garel
Trivia Contest Author

Adie Todd

Baldwin Go



CFC Membership

You must either be a member of the Chess Federation of Canada; or else pay a Tournament Fee good for this tournament only. If your Registration information reads "Check" in the "CFC Expiry" field, then you are not paid up. In this case, you will not be paired for any round until you do so. There are three ways to pay up:
  • Send your membership directly to the Chess Federation of Canada.
  • Pay your Tournament Fee now with credit card or PayPal.
  • When you check in at the registration desk on site on Friday, July 8 or Saturday, July 9, pay cash for your CFC Membership or for the Tournament Fee. You risk not receiving a Swiss pairing for Round 1 or not being paired for Round 1.


FIDE Swiss pairings.


If a player does not show up within one hour of any round's start, then the player will lose the game by forfeit; lose the CFC rating points for the game; not lose the FIDE rating points for the game (if FIDE rated); and be removed from the tournament.


Other than the two 1/2 point byes which can be requested before the start of the tournament, a player can request additional byes for any round, but will receive zero points. If you are withdrawing from the tournament, please notify the tournament director immediately after your game, otherwise you may be paired for the next round.

Clocks and Time Control

Please bring your own clock. Thanks to the Ontario Chess Association, Annex Chess Club and 2010 Canadian Youth Chess Championships, we expect to have a large number of clocks available for borrowing. There is no fee for this service. Note that we cannot guarantee that there will be enough clocks for everyone. We will make every effort to supply digital clocks to all boards in the Open Section. Clocks supplied by the Tournament have priority.

Digital clocks are set for 40 moves/90 minutes (1:30.00); followed by a secondary time control of Sudden Death Game/30 minutes; with a 30 second increment added before each move (Fischer time control). If your clock adds the increment after each move, then set your starting time to 1:30.30. Do not use a Bronstein time control.

If a digital clock with Fischer increments is not available, an analog clock may be used with a time control of 40 moves/110 minutes (1:50) followed by Sudden Death Game/40 minutes. Set the starting time at 4:09 to flag at 6:00. When continuing play beyond 40 moves, wait for the flag to fall at 6:00, then advance the clock to 6:19. The game ends when the flag falls at 7:00.

Please note that FIDE Title Norms are possible only with the digital clocks.


Currently, only the Open Section is FIDE rated. We are willing to have the Under 2000 Section and the Under 1600 Section FIDE rated. This depends on how many FIDE rated players register for these sections. If there are enough such players to make it possible for players to get FIDE rated games, and for players with no FIDE ratings to get a new FIDE rating, then we will rate that Section with FIDE. Please keep an eye on the registration list - FIDE ratings are recorded there. We will make a final announcement close to the tournament's start. Note that you have until June 30 to switch sections.

There is no additional fee for playing in a higher section.


To determine the lowest Section you may play in, the Organizer will use your current CFC rating at the start of the tournament, most likely from the ratings published on Wednesday, July 6, 2011. Organizer reserves the right to use instead your FIDE, national federation (foreign residents), FQE (Quebec residents) or CMA (Canadian juniors) rating.

Organizer reserves the right to revise the rating of an inappropriately rated player for Section choice.

Blitz Championship Tournament

FIDE Blitz rules will be used.

Simultaneous Exhibitions

Advance registration

Advance registration is open to players and the public. You may only sign up in advance for one Simultaneous Exhibition.

Registration at the site

You may also enter at the Simultaneous Exhibition, space permitting. Payment is by cash only. First priority goes to those who are registered as players in the Canadian Open Championship. Second priority goes to those who have not yet played in a Simultaneous Exhibition at this event.

Electronic devices

Absolutely no electronic devices are permitted to be turned on in the rooms of the 2011 Canadian Open at the Westin Harbour Castle, including the entire playing area. This rule applies to players and spectators. This rule includes, but is not restricted to: cameras, video cameras, microphones, cellular telephones, pagers, mobile devices, music players, and any device whatsoever capable of receiving or transmitting. Exception: MonRoi's move recording device. Receiving a transmission, such as your cell phone ringing, results in an automatic forfeit. To avoid any problems, please use the cell phone check-in which we will have available.
Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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