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Jerry Hanken Memorial - 111th U.S. Open - Prizes PDF Print E-mail

Prize Fund


$50,000 based on 500 paid entries - else proportional - $40,000 Guaranteed!! [80% of each prize].  Top US player not otherwise qualified will qualify for the 2011 US Championship!
A one section tournament with Class prizes.

Top Places: $8000-4000-2000-1500-1000-800-600-500. Clear winner - $200 bonus.
If tie for first, top two on tiebreak play speed game [W - 5 min, B - 3 min and draw odds] for bonus and title. Class Prizes:
Top Master (2200-2399): $2500-1200-800-500.
Top Expert: $2500-1200-800-500.
Class A: $2500-1200-800-500.
Class B: $2500-1200-800-500.
Class C: $2000-1000-600-400.
Class D: $1500-700-500-300.
Class E & Below: $1500-700-500-300.
Unrated: $800-400-200.

Additional prizes: Dr. Neil Bershad is donating [In Memory of Jerry Hanken] $125 for the Largest Rating Gain and $125 for the Most Cumulative Upset Points.
Note: These two prizes are restricted to established players over 1000. The computations will be made from the ratings report of the tournament as it exists on 18 August 2010.

Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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