19 January 2008


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Stay current with today’s top breaking chess news!

Top Chess News Sites

NY Times: topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/c/chess

Guardian: sport.guardian.co.uk/chess

Topix: www.topix.com/games/chess

Chessbase: www.chessbase.com

Chess: www.chess.com/news

FIDE: www.fide.com

ChessPro, in Russian: www.chesspro.ru

Europe Echecs, in French: www.europe-echecs.com

USCF News: www.uschess.org

Chessdom: www.chessdom.com

New in Chess: www.newinchess.com

ECU: www.europechess.org

ACP News: www.chess-players.org/eng/news/chess.html

The Week in Chess: www.chess.co.uk

Chess TV

World Chess News TV: www.worldchessnews.com

Top Chess Blogs

Susan Polgar: susanpolgar.blogspot.com

Mark Weeks: chess.about.com

Dylan Loeb McClain: gambit.blogs.nytimes.com

Dennis Monokroussos: www.thechessmind.net

 Hip Hop Chess: www.hiphopchess.com

Chessvibes: www.chessvibes.com

Any other chess news site ranked high on Alexa?

Note: Alexa.com measures overall web-site traffic ranking. The lower the better. The traffic rank is based on three months aggregated historical traffic data, received by the Internet users who have installed Alexa toolbar on their computer, so it’s not accurate in most cases.

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