17 January 2008


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It’s fun and easy!

On-line chess training: www.chessaid.com

On-line chess training: www.chessmagnetschool.com

Chess lessons, personalized plan: www.chessarea.com

On-line chess courses: www.ichessu.com

On-line chess lessons: www.anatolykarpovchessschool.org

Chess classes: www.chess-now.com

Interactive chess lessons: www.chesskids.com

On-line chess lessons: www.chesstrainer.com

Chess training software: www.chesspositiontrainer.com

Learn to play chess portal: www.chessguru.net 

Chess in schools: www.af4c.org

Chess in schools: www.academicchess.com

Chess in schools: www.kasparovchessfoundation.org

Chess in schools: www.chessintheschools.org

Chess in schools: chess-math.org

Free material for chess coaches: www.professorchess.com 

Computer-based chess training: www.chessmentor.com

Chess training software: www.schoolchess.com

Chess training DVDs: www.ichess.net/product-category/gm-susan-polgar/

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