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20 January 2008
Go digital!Saitek Game Clock Excalibur Game Timer DGT Projects: Silver: Chronos:
Live chess tournaments attract sponsors, media and visitors!MonRoi: The world's only wireless, portable chess managersCertified, patented, electronic chess game notationThe MonRoi system was used at over 100 chess tournaments to date, including the World Youth Chess Championship, the World Open, the US Championship, the Canadian Championship, the ECU Individual, the GibTelecom Chess Festival, the Montreal International Category 16 etc.DGT Projects, E-boards: Wired, wooden chessboardsRequires additional chess game notationSince…
Manage your tournaments effectively! Most popular chess tournament pairing programs:SwissSys: www.swisssys.comWinTD: Perfect: www.swissperfect.comPairing program used most often at FIDE & ECU events:Swiss Manager: swiss-manager.atOther Swiss pairing programs:Vega Chess Pairing Program: www.vegachess.comSwissMaster: approved Swiss pairing software programs:Program Swiss SystemSwiss Master Dutch SystemGMB Lim SystemSWISS CHESS Dutch SystemSVBOSS Dutch SystemVEGA DUBOV SystemSwiss Manager Dutch System
Replay Chess Games, Download PGNs! Chessbase: www.chessbase.comChess Informant: www.chessinformant.orgChess Games: www.chessgames.comMonRoi: www.monroi.comNew in Chess: Lab: Chess Database:www.365chess.comPGN Mentor: of PGNs:
Play Chess Online From the Comfort of Your Home! Yahoo: MSN: Pogo Chess: Game Knot: It’s Your Turn: Brain King: Chess Maniac: Let’s Play Chess: Instant Chess: Chesspark: Chess World: ICC: FICS: Chess Corner: Chessbase: www.playchess.comChess Net: World Chess Live:
19 January 2008
Download chess playing software and play chess with a computer! Free Chess Playing Software Programs listed at Commercial Chess Playing Software Programs Chessbase: Fritz, Junior, Shredder, Zap!Chess, Chess Tiger, Chesster Chessmaster by Ubisoft Lokasoft: Chess Partner, Ktulu, SmarThink, Gandalf, Ruffian, Deep Sjeng, Rebel Rybka: Chess Genius: Hiarcs: Supercomputer Chess Engines Hydra Deep Blue:
19 January 2008
Stay current with today’s top breaking chess news! Top Chess News Sites NY Times: Guardian: Topix: Chessbase: Chess: FIDE: ChessPro, in Russian: Europe Echecs, in French: USCF News: Chessdom: New in Chess: ECU: ACP News: The Week in Chess: Chess TV World Chess News TV: Top Chess BlogsSusan Polgar: Mark Weeks: Dylan Loeb…
17 January 2008
It’s fun and easy! On-line chess training: On-line chess training: Chess lessons, personalized plan: On-line chess courses: On-line chess lessons: Chess classes: Interactive chess lessons: On-line chess lessons: Chess training software: Learn to play chess portal:  Chess in schools: Chess in schools: Chess in schools: Chess in schools: Chess in schools: Free material for chess…


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