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03 February 2008
When I was a child I remember our teachers printing on a page by having a tray of jelly and carving words into the jelly. They then put ink onto the tray, put a sheet of paper onto the jelly, removed it and had the information on the sheet. They repeated this exercise until there was one sheet for each child. Later there were great improvements. One typed onto a…
Female chess used to be regarded as something of a curiosity. A good Trivial Pursuits quiz is, ‘We know the first World Junior Chess Championship was held in Birmingham in 1951. When was the first World Girls Championship held?’ The answer is in 1927 and, of course, in England . Vera Menchik won it the same year as she went on to win the First Women’s World Championship. Presumably there…


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When you see a good move, look for a better one.

Emanuel Lasker
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