Ray Robson

Ray Robson

  CHESS CHILD  The Story of Ray Robson, America's Youngest GrandmasterYou can learn more about Ray and find the book at www.RayRobson.com   In my last blog about my son, Ray Robson, I gave a summary of Ray's recent activities and ended with the upcoming 2009 US Championship. Since that entry -- almost one year ago -- much has happened. Shortly after the 2009 Championship, Ray went on to earn his…
25 April 2009
For those of you who are interested in following Ray's progress, I apologize that neither of us has had time to keep up with the news. Here is a summary of what's occurred since Ray's last entry:  July 2008 China Team Championship  Ray had the chance to combine a family vacation to China with some informal language studies and with a little chess. Before playing in this event, Ray participated in…
09 December 2008
 First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog for quite a while. After not blogging after one tournament, when you think about blogging again you have to do two tournaments, and now I have played too many tournaments to really recap! So, I will instead start anew from two days ago. Two days ago I did a simultaneous exhibition as well as a lecture on…
09 June 2008
 Hi everyone! This is Ray Robson from Las Vegas. I have just finished playing in the National Open, and I will be going home soon. In the end I finished with a good 4.5/6. Here is a short recap of my games: Round 1 black vs. Gutman. In the first round I was black against an Expert. I was able to quickly seize the initiative and finished the game with…
01 June 2008
Ray Robson is the youngest chess master in the history of the state of Florida. He was awarded the FIDE Master (FM) title in June of 2005 after tying for first place at the Pan American Youth Chess Championship in Brazil. He earned the US Chess Federation (USCF) National Master (NM) title in January of 2006 by raising his chess rating above 2200 (the minimum required for the title of National Master). In 2004, at the age of nine, Ray defeated…


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