Andres Hortillosa

Andres Hortillosa

Round 3 is underway. It took us (mostly Ron Braud) only two rounds to figure out a way to start the round on time. We try to do things on time that being the Army way. You can watch the ongoing action live here in Monroi. Today, we started exactly at 0800 hours.
I am returning back to Memphis shortly after the start of Round 4 (2 pm). So you will not see any blogging from me until tonight. When I get home, I will blog more on specific games with some light analysis.
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West – Corona (0-1), Black won on time in a somewhat even position with Black having the better chances. White failed to execute his 40th move before time control. Baniel – Fissel (1/2-1/2), Black at a critical point of the game chose an unnecessary move of getting his king (35….Kh8) off a possible check over a more forcing line in 35…Ng4.Donovan – Duke (1-0), White fought hard but ended short.Pitts…
Two exciting games are still being fought out on the board, Macaspac-West and Duke-Pitts this very minute. These two games could end as upsets. The other games finished fairly early. First Round Results are: Corona – Baniel (0-1) Fissel – Donovan (0-1) Floto – Drake (0-1) King – Shepherd (1-0)
Round 2 games are underway. The last two games finished with Pitts and Macaspac turning the tables against their respective lower-rated opponents. This is where experience comes in. Both players know that most lower-rated players will eventually make a blunder or choose an inferior move towards the end as long as counter play is kept alive.
  Corona vs Baniel Duke vs Pitts  Fissel vs Donovan Floto vs Drake Macaspac vs West
Twelve players will compete in the annual All-Army Chess Championship at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA starting tomorrow, May 11th. The top six placers will form this year’s Army Chess Team to play in the Inter-Service Chess Championship next month. This year’s batch is somewhat weaker based on ratings compared to the bygone years, but the over the board struggle will not be a cake walk as some of these…
Undeserved thrill is how I would characterize my sentiments towards this follow up to the inaugural issue of my column. If you are new to this column, please consider reading the first installment to facilitate a proper introduction to what is to follow. The first one lays out plainly the underlying philosophy that this column is about.
Only a handful of chess authors truly understand the best method of mastering tactics. Most authors believe, as evidenced by the books and software available in the market, that puzzle exercises and solving them are the best approach to learning tactics. They could never be so wrong. The best way to learn tactics for most people is to actually learn them by seeing the transition point in its entirety from…


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