Andres Hortillosa

Andres Hortillosa

I am returning back to Memphis shortly after the start of Round 4 (2 pm). So you will not see any blogging from me until tonight. When I get home, I will blog more on specific games with some light analysis.

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19 September 2017

Round 4 Results and Standings

Round 4 Results

West vs. Fissel (1-0)
Corona vs. Duke (0-1)
Baniel vs. Floto (1-0)
Donovan vs. King (0-1)
Pitts vs. Macaspac (0-1)
Duke vs. Shepherd (1-0) 


Round 4 Standings

Rank         Players              Points

1             Macaspac             4
2             Pitts                      3
3             Baniel                   3
4             King                     2.5
5             Drake                  2.5
6             Duke                   2.5
7             Donovan              2
8             West                    2
9             Fissel                 1.5
10          Corona                 1
11          Floto                     0
12          Shepherd             0

19 September 2017

All-Army Round 4 Updates

The battle between co-leaders was decided quickly in round 4. Pitts blundered a pawn without any compensation. The game since then was lopsided in Black’s favor. Macaspac efficiently converted his advantage into a win. Macaspac has one more tough game with Baniel in round 6 tomorrow. If he overcomes him, he will easily become the champion this year.

19 September 2017

All-Army Round 5 Results and Standings

Round 5 Results

Drake vs. West (1-0)

Shepherd vs. Pitts (0-1)

Macaspac vs. Donovan (1-0)

King vs. Baniel (0-1)

Floto vs. Coraona (0-1)

Duke vs. Fissel (1-0) 

19 September 2017

Four Decisive Results in Round 6

Round 6 Results

West vs. Duke (1-0)

Fissel vs. Floto (1-0)

Corona vs. King (0-1)

Donovan vs. Shepherd (1-0)

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19 September 2017

Exciting Round 6

The remaining games are between the current top four players. The results will likely change the ranking order. The top four after round six will likely make the All-Army Chess Team.

Watch it live.

Essentially, only the last two spots will be fought out in the remaining rounds. Duke, West and King are the heavy favorites for the remaining spots.

19 September 2017

All-Army Round 6 Updates

Drake won against Pitts. Drake is now in clear second place. Baniel vs. Macaspac was fairly even but now Macaspac has some serious winning chances. Baniel seemed to have overestimated his chances in a drawn game. Now, he is fighting for a draw.


19 September 2017

Macaspac Won Again, 6-0

Macaspac won as I predicted. Now, he is 6-0. His path to the crown is now set. He just has to avoid accidents in the remaining five rounds. Drake is now clearly second. Baniel and Pitts follow in third and fourth places, respectively.

19 September 2017

All-Army Round 7 Results

Macaspac and Pitts finished their games fairly quickly. Both are entertaining games especially Pitts'. He was behind two pawns but West’s 19…d5 was an error. He underestimated and reacted poorly to Pitts’ king-side aggression. Allowing the queen to stay on g5 allowed the knight fork on h5. West seemed oblivious to the threat because he recaptured on f6 with the queen instead of the rook which would just cost him an exchange.

19 September 2017

2008 All-Army Chess Championship Players

This year’s invitees to the annual championship are listed below. Other top Army players like SSG Rudy Tia (seven-time champion), LTC David Hater and LTC Michael Cerezo were not in attendance.

1LT Arthur Macaspac
Fort Dix, NJ

CPT Christopher Pitts
William Beaumont Army Medical Center
Chief, Health Physics WBAMC
Fort Bliss, TX

SPC Jhonel B. Baniel
Landstuhl, Germany

COL Michael Donovan
National Nuclear Security Agency, NA-16
Dept of Energy, Wash DC

SGT Darryl L. West
377th TSC, G6 Section
Camp Amfjer, Kuwait

SPC Sherwin Duke
Armament Aviation Electrician
Fort Campbell, KY

PVT David Corona
Fort Lewis, WA

PFC Christopher King
EWS Operator
Camp Casey, South Korea

SGT Christopher Floto
Second class Driver
Fort Schafter, HI

SGT Christopher Drake
HUMINT Collector
Fort Bragg, NC

SGT Daniel Fissel
Fort Bragg, NC

PVT Derek Shepherd
767th EOD Co
Fort Bragg, NC

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