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Gift: One VIP Sequel Card, which is valid for a complimentary night stay at any Sequel Property. This card has an approximately $200 value.

Please visit the links below to find out more about Sequel Property:

Sequel Lifestyle Hotels and Resorts

Sequels’ family of fine Inns & Resorts


Gift: One ticket to the Umbra Olympian Chess Tournament + Fundraiser. This ticket has an $80 value.

To learn more about the Umbra Olympian Chess Tournament, visit:

GO! Team Canada GO!

GREEN-PENS for everyone

Gift: Every participant will receive a Green-Pen valued at MSRP $2.22.

About Green-Pens:
Green-Pen® is made from Mater-bi. It is a corn starch–based material, fully biodegradable, and can successfully replace standard plastic materials. After composting it is transformed into a fertilizer to generate new agricultural products. Mater-bi does not release any metal or toxic residues, it comes from the earth and it returns to the earth without altering the eco-system.

Furthermore, it has been certified by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute), approved by the CPIA (Canadian Plastic Industry Association), and has obtained the CEE safety mark for children.

Once the ink completed, simply remove the tungsten cartridge from the barrel. Plant the pen in soil and after approximately 8 months, the pen will have decomposed and will serve as a fertilizer for your plant! Also available is a little bottom cap with flower seeds. Simply plant in soil and watch the seeds sprout and bloom while the pen decomposes into the soil.

To learn more about GreenPens, visit:

2008 Chessca Open: Pre-registered list (as of October 22nd, 2008)


Special thanks to:

Ontario Chess Association for lending us the chess clocks

MonRoi for hosting the website


Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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