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Written by Andres D Hortillosa on Sun, May 11 2008 (07:19)

Two exciting games are still being fought out on the board, Macaspac-West and Duke-Pitts this very minute. These two games could end as upsets. The other games finished fairly early.


First Round Results are:

Corona – Baniel (0-1)

Fissel – Donovan (0-1)

Floto – Drake (0-1)

King – Shepherd (1-0)


Of the four games that finish early, three were won by Black. The only white win was King’s. Already, the lower rated players are serving a defiant notice to the higher rated competitors. The remaining games are hotly contested with the lower rated players having decisive advantages in both games.


Can the lower rated players shepherd the advantage to score a full point? Will the higher rated and more experienced players survive the first-round jitters?


You can still watch the action live on this site. I will put up pictures later in the evening.

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