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Description & Rules

A limited number of tickets to play a GM, IM, or WGM (collectively refered to below as the marquee players) in the first round will be available.  Players from any section (Premier, U2000 or U1600) can buy one of these tickets and the game result will be part of their tournament score.  The remainder of the player's games will be within their section.

  1. Ticket prices are as marked on the ticket
  2. Tickets will be on sale online only starting April 15, 2012 and will go first come, first served.
  3. As new marquee players join, Tickets will be added.
  4. Colors will be decided by the Arbiter at the start of the tournament.
  5. Each Ticket will be for a particular marquee player.
  6. If a marquee player fails to play in the tournament, the Ticket buyer will have their choice of a) a complete refund b) if available, an alternate marquee player (with a partial refund if a lessor titled player).
  7. Purchasers of a Ticket can receive a full refund up to June 1, 2012.  After that date, we will offer a refund only if we are able to resell the Ticket.
  8. This game is not eligible towards a FIDE title norm.

 Tickets (and online registration)


Chess Quotes

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-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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