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 Preregistered List


The 2011 Grand Pacific Open is almost here. It looks like we will surpass 100 players this year!
And we have more titled and champion players than ever this year.   www.grandpacificopen.com

There is still time to register and play in the GPO. Let your friends know about this great event.

If you are delayed for any reason and will be late for any round please call the hotel desk and ask
for a message to be delivered to Mark Dutton.  250 386 0450 or 1 800 663 7550 
Check the bye request  list below for accuracy.

See you soon.

Event: 2011 Grand Pacific Open

Date: Friday, April 22, 2011 at 6:00 PM - Monday, April 25, 2011 at 2:30 PM (PT)

Hotel Grand Pacific
463 Belleville St
Victoria, British Columbia V8V

For more information click here: 2011 Grand Pacific Open

Current list of Bye requests. If you need a bye for round one send an email to grandpacificopen.com asap.

Rd 1  Neil Cruden  Jofrel Landingin  Juni Caluza  Joe Soliven
Rd 2  Rick Martinson  Colin Aykroyd
Rd 4  Rick Martinson

Grand Pacific Open Chess  April 22-25 2011  Victoria Canada




Grand Pacific Open Chess  April 22-25 2011  Victoria Canada
List of Players  Grand Pacific Open ----- 96 Players  April 12 2011
Title Name FIDE CFC USCF City                Prov/State Country   Paid
Open Section
GM Igor Rausis 2489     Varnsdorf   Czech Republic Yes
FM Jack Yoos 2382 2450   Vancouver BC Canada BC Champion Yes
WGM Nino Maisuradze 2272     Paris   France   Yes
IM Lawrence Day 2251 2278   Weston  ON Canada   Yes
WFM Valeria Gansvind 2225 2318       Estonia1   Yes
NM Alex Yam 2164 2269   Calgary AB Canada   Yes
NM Lucas Davies 2173 2225   Vancouver BC Canada   pay at door
NM Tanraj Sohal 2168 2018   Surrey BC Canada U14 Canadian Champion Yes
  Mike Schemm 2185 2009   Seattle WA USA   Yes
  Howard Wu 2157 2195   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Roger Patterson 2139 2138   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Jamin Gluckie 2134 2092   Lloydminster AB Canada   Yes
  Anson de Peiza   2114   Scarborough ON Canada   Yes
  John Williams 2103   2168 Pheonix AZ USA   Yes
  Ben Daswani 2100 2003   Vancouver BC Canada   See Brian
  Yaron Gvili     2094 New York NY USA   pay at door
  Pavel Trochtchanovitch 2091 2071   Richmond BC Canada   Yes
  Dezheng Kong 2030 2089   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Joe Soliven   2084   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Ed Seedhouse   2050   Victoria BC Canada   See Roger
  Lawrence Cohen 2019 2026   Villa Park IL USA   Yes
  Mike Murray 2043p 1937 1991 Port Townsend WA USA   Yes
  Lukas Beaudry 1998p 2003   Calgary AB Canada   Yes
  Ryan Lo   1988   Richmond BC Canada   Yes
WCM Alexandra Botez 1998 1994   Burnaby BC Canada U18G US National Champion Yes
  Louis Cheng   1984   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Manfrei Aquino   1968   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Jack Cheng 1975 1956   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Hanniegn Pitre 1994 1936   Seattle WA USA   Yes
  Paul Leblanc 1953 1905   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Ross Richardson 1899 1946   Mississauga ON Canada   Yes
  Loren Leceste   1929   North Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
FM  Jason Cao 1921p 1921   Victoria BC Canada U10 World Champion  Yes
  David Crook   1918   Richmond BC Canada   Yes
  Peter Lai   1918   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  John Doknjas 1844 1903   Surrey BC Canada   Yes
  Yiming Han   1895   Burnaby BC Canada   Yes
  Joe Roback   1888   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Han Du   1881   Burnaby BC Canada   Yes
  YiFei Han   1871   Burnaby BC Canada   Yes
  Philip Harris   1867   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Colin Aykroyd   1864   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Troy Pendergraft   1863   West Linn OR USA   Yes
  Severo (Juni) Caluza   1851   Richmond BC Canada   Yes
  Neil Cruden   1835   Courtney BC Canada   Yes
  Jofrel Landingin   1826   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Ken Forman   1803   Brentwood Bay BC Canada   Yes
  Lan Ma   1800 est Victoria BC Canada   Li has cheque
  Phil Holmstrom   1799   Edmonton AB Canada   pay at door
  Alice Xiao    1793   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Bill Tate   1789   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Elliot Raymer   1784   Point Grey BC Canada   Yes
  Steven Witt     1716 Hillsboro OR USA   pay at door
  Sarah May   1696   Vancouver WA USA   Yes
  Deron Stewart   1688   Gabriola Island BC Canada   Yes
  Polly Wright   1679   Eastchester NY USA   Yes
  Jacob Jensen   1660   Surrey BC Canada   pay at door
  Rick Martinson   1656   Courtenay BC Canada   Yes
  Doug Sly   1650   Nelson BC Canada   Yes
  Eoin Dunne   1649   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Dylan Parker   1640   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Brian Sullivan   1605   Langley BC Canada   Yes
  Robert Hamm   1619   Williams Lake  BC Canada   Yes
  Matthew Herdin   1578   Surrey BC Canada   Yes
  Chris Stephenson   1550   West Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Frederick Davis     1545 Vancouver WA USA   Yes
  Shaun Luttin   1511   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Li Geng   1505   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  James Taylor   1491   North Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  TianTian Geng   1480   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Joshua Doknjas   1433   Surrey BC Canada U8 Canadian Champion Yes
  Ruining (Ray) Wu   1422   Burnaby BC Canada   Yes
  Lionel Han   1418   Richmond BC Canada   Yes
  Trevor Yonkman   1372   Castlegar BC Canada   Yes
  Jill Ding   1207   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Kai Richardson   UNR   Williams Lake  BC Canada   Yes will pay $20 on site
  Joshua Biedak   UNR   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
U1400 Section
  Garth Edgar   1374   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Petr Straka   1356   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Justin Wong   1320   West Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Michael Su   1303   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Leo Stokes   1180   Point Grey BC Canada   See Brian
  Edward Enns   1177   Coquitlam BC Canada   Yes
  Fred Wissemann   1167   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Daniel Lee   1139   West Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Conrad Burgert   1126   White Rock BC Canada   Yes
  Ben Seran   1100   Nordland WA USA   Yes
  Luke Pulfer   1100   Surrey BC Canada   Yes
  Praveer Sharan     1080 Lake Oswego OR USA K-1 USA Champion Yes
  Howie Hare     1075 Mountlake Terrace WA USA   Yes
  Brian Parker   956   Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
  Matthew Geng   954   Victoria BC Canada   Yes
  Jefferson Xia   877   West Vancouver BC Canada   pay at door
  Andrea Botez   743   Burnaby BC Canada U8G Canadian Champion Yes
  Erik Rodriguez     UNR Portland OR USA   Yes
  Regan Thiessen     UNR Vancouver BC Canada   Yes
     p = provisional 1    FIDE Affiliation        
  Feb 15 draw winner is Andrea Botez            
  Mar 15 draw winner is John Doknjas            





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