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At the press conference in Montreal, His Holiness the Dalai Lama talked about his own personal experience of hearing only about negative issues like murder on the radio or reading in the papers mostly about such things as well as money. He said there was the need to draw the people’s attention on promotion of moral ethics adding that his way was to do so through a secular approach. His Holiness said that in recent months he had been reiterating that corruption seems to be some kind of a new disease inflicting human society.  He added that there was a need to make the people realize that corruption is not part of human nature.


At the 2nd Global Conference, His Holiness talked about the commonality of the different religious traditions, and said that religious traditions share the same common values of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and self-discipline.  


During the Question-Answer session, His Holiness responded positively to a question on whether religion is a source for good. He said it was not necessary to have a faith but if one sincerely followed it would be useful. He said there was no way for one to be half corrupt and half praying to God. When asked whether he felt discouraged sometimes, His Holiness responded that there were times when he felt one individual may not be able to do much but on such occasions he thought over the matter. Problems are created by individuals and the moral ethics to overcome these start with an individual expanding to one’s family to other families and the community at large. Thus looking at it from a wider perspective, he said an individual could feel that he can do something.


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