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82 players are now signed up http://victoriachessclub.pbworks.com/Pre-registered+players++Grand+Pacific+Open+2009

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2010 Grand Pacific Open - 4th Annual: OPEN SECTION

1FM Yoos, John C [Jack]10799424440.0
2FM Grund, Holger 24220.0
3WFM Gansvind, Valeria13504823320.0
4IM Day, Lawrence10102423020.0
5FM Ristovic, Nenad11014022720.0
6NM Scoones, Dan10341422560.0
7NM Davies, Lucas11061422440.0
8NM Roua, Radu-Laurentiu14626822360.0
9NM Wu, Howard10543322160.0
10NM Davies, Noam12288422120.0
11NM Patterson, Roger10304322040.0
12Sohal, Tanraj S13583021000.0
13Yearwood, Roy10274320990.0
14Steininger, Gavin12926420720.0
15Sequillion, Aaron12372720660.0
16Moura, Eduardo13100120450.0
17Daniluk, Jim10560620320.0
18Tang, Edward12372320200.0
19Cheng, Jack [Kun]13319220080.0
20Kong, Dezheng14664119960.0
21Hoekstra, Jelke12349619950.0
22Pitre, H G11086319530.0
23Doknjas, John14122519360.0
24Harris, Philip11231119310.0
25Aykroyd, Colin D10028819220.0
26Crook, David11149419190.0
27Landingin, Jofrel14199119110.0
28Murray, Mike13215018980.0
29Botez, Alexandra13241618930.0
30Leblanc, Paul10418618770.0
31Han, Yifei14232018580.0
32Han, Yiming14232118440.0
33Roback, Joe14303818380.0
34Forman, Ken12304018360.0
35Lambruschini, Alex12751918340.0
36Ficzere, Tony10413718300.0
37Diemecke, Pablo10645818100.0
38Lai, Jingzhou [Peter]14456618060.0
39Miller, David14571117980.0
40Caluza, Juni10473017760.0
41Escandor, Manuel Omana13703517740.0
42Holmstrom, Phil11222517680.0
43Tate, Bill10595217660.0
44Raymer, Elliot12748517600.0
45Koke, Conrad10025217320.0
46Wright, Polly P.11041957US17290.0
47Jarquin, Charlie14700017150.0
48Bishop, Greg12609516830.0
49Sullivan, Brian10375016820.0
50Cannon, Farley13502816820.0
51Martinson, Rick12291116730.0
52Golden, Richard14410116700.0
53Lo, Ryan14578816620.0
54Boyle, Philip11033216500.0
55Xiao, Alice [Huan Yi]14876616420.0
56Stewart, Deron14241316240.0
57Hamm, Robert10836116240.0
58Parker, Dylan14099016140.0
59Rathburn-MacKay, Hector14589915420.0
60Paulson, Stewart12860915400.0
61Taylor, James10032515380.0
62Fields, Noah Dennis13474376US15360.0
63Qian, Jack14682814940.0
64Stephenson, Chris13434014220.0
65Rodriguez, ErikUSCF ORE14050.0
66Geng, Tian Tian14767312660.0
67Cao, Jason14941312320.0
68Yonkman, Trevor13854910880.0
69Lutin, ShaunVAN NEWunr.0.0
70Geng, LiVIC NEWunr.0.0
71Bowers, Christopher150774unr.0.0

2010 Grand Pacific Open - 4th Annual: UNDER 1400 SECTION

1Wu, Ruining [Ray]15076813330.0
2Burgert, Conrad13874712260.0
3Mackie, Christopher13574938US12120.0
4Qian, Andy14724411600.0
5Doknjas, Joshua14644411460.0
6Lee, Daniel12973911280.0
7Parker, Brian14811210730.0
8Mackie, Iain1357492310230.0
9Geng, Matthew1478517920.0
10Botez, Andrea1475775330.0
11Merino, LuisNEW VICunr.0.0

Mark S. Dutton, International Arbiter
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