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FIDE RULES: The tournament is run under the auspices of the Canadian Chess Federation and F.I.D.E and will be rated by both organizations. Accordingly the tournament will be governed by FIDE rules, which are closely aligned with CFC rules, with certain exceptions. Important cases where exceptions to F.I.D.E. rules will be used, or require clarification, are noted below. For further information please go to www.fide.com and www.chess.ca.


STYLE: 9 round single section Swiss System. Accelerated pairings will be used in rounds 1 through 4 to help make the tournament more competitive. For questions concerning the pairing method used, please see the Chief Arbiter.


RATINGS: Ratings used for pairing and prize fund distribution purposes are as follows; CFC ratings will generally be used. If the player does not have a CFC rating then FIDE ratings or other ratings (eg. USCF, FQE) will be used. For players with multiple ratings, generally the highest will be used. The tournament director reserves the right to assign a rating to an inappropriately rated player. For any questions regarding ratings, please see the Chief Arbiter on the first day of the tournament.


TIME CONTROL: 40 moves in 90 minutes and 30 minutes for the remainder of the game (with 30 second increments from move 1).


TIME FORFEIT: All rounds will start at the appointed time and White’s clock will be started at the direction of the Chief Arbiter. If player(s) are absent, White’s clock will be started by the Arbiter. If a player arrives one hour or more after the appointed time then he/she will forfeit the game. The forfeited player must subsequently report to the Chief Arbiter or risk not being paired for the following round and withdrawn from the tournament.

BYES: A maximum of 3 ½ point byes may be taken in rounds 1-8. If byes were not requested before the start of the tournament then, for rounds 2-8, they must be requested prior to the pairing of the preceding round. Eg. a player requesting a bye for round 3 must make the request prior to the pairing of round 2, ideally immediately after their round 1 game is played.


EQUIPMENT: All equipment is provided.


NO SMOKING: The City of Toronto has a no-smoking bylaw inside public buildings. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the building.


NO PHONES: No electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, Blackberries etc. are permitted in the playing hall (including spectators). A cell phone check will be made available by the organizers for those that feel compelled to bring these to the tournament. Players caught using one of these devices, or having these devices go off while games are in progress, face forfeiture of the game and, for repeated offences, potential expulsion from the tournament without recourse.


NO FOOD: Please refrain from bringing food into the tournament hall while games are in progress (beverages OK).


ARBITER: Hal Bond, I.A. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


ORGANIZER: Greater Toronto Chess League

Michael Barron 416 739-6257
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Brian Fiedler 416 733-3199
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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