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 GM Harikrishna Pentala,  24 years old, India

Commonwealth Champion 2001; World Junior Champion in 2004; Chess960 World Junior Champion 2006; Played in the Montreal International 2007; Played on India’s Olympiad team 5 times, 2000-2008, often on Board 2 behind World Champion Viswanathan Anand; Rated in top 100 in the world, 11th in Asia



Luke McShane,
  26 years old, England

World Under-10 Champion 1992;
Second in World Junior Championship in 2002; British Blitz Champion 2003

 GM Joshua Friedel, 24 years old, USA

New Hampshire State Amateur Championship (age 8); New Hampshire state Champion; California State Champion
2006; 2nd All Star Team: Board 1;
2007 Samford Scholarship winner;
Played in the World Cup 2009 (one of 9 USA players in the 128 player event leading to the World Championship); Tied for first Toronto Open 2009; Won Edmonton International 2009


GM Alexander Shabalov
, 42 years old, USA

Student of former World Champion Mikhail Tal; Latvian Junior Champion (age 11); Soviet Union Under-16 Champion 1982; Won World Open 1997; Tied for first Toronto International 1998; On USA Olympiad team 2000 and 2004; Tied for first in World Open 1999, 2003, 2007; Played in the Canadian Open 2005; U.S. Open Champion 2007; U.S. Champion 1993, 2000, 2003, 2007; Rated In top 10 in the USA Shabalov himself said: "If the position after my move becomes more complicated then the game is going in the right direction."




GM Eduardas Rozentalis, 47 years old, Lithuania

First board on Lithuanian Olympiad Team 7 times 1992-96, 2002-06, second board 2008; Tied for first in Canadian Open 1995 (Toronto); Won Toronto International Open 2000; Tied for first in Canadian Open 2008




GM Merab Gagunashvili, 25 years old, Georgia

Second in World Junior in 2001; Georgian Champion 2004; On Georgian Olympiad team 2002-4-6; Tied for first Hastings Congress 2006; Tied for first National Open and won Blitz Tournament in Las Vegas 2006; Tied for second Quebec Open 2009; Tied for first Georgian Champion 2010





GM Vladimir Malaniuk 52 years old, Ukraine


Won Bad Wörishofen International Open 2010; Won Ajaccio Rapid (10 min+3sec) 2006; Second in Keres Memorial rapid 2005; Second in European Rapid Championship 2005; Won team bronze medal in Olympiad 1998; Second board on Ukrainian Olympiad team won Silver medal 1996; Second Soviet Championship 1986; Developer of the Leningrad Dutch Defence




GM Mark Bluvshtein, 22 years old, Canada

Not playing due to school work, but giving a simultaneous display.
Canadian Boys Under-14 Champion 2001
Third in Canadian Closed Championship 2004; Canadian Youth Champion 2005; Tied for first Canadian Open 2005; Tied for second in Canadian Closed Championship 2006; Board 1 on Canada’s Olympiad team 2008; Tied for first Canadian Open 2009



FIDE Master Hans Jung

is the Chess Co-ordinator of the City of Kitchener.He was the Ontario Closed Champion in 1996 and placed second in the Canadian Open in 1988.

Hans has given blindfold simultaneous exhibitions over 25 year period, on 26 boards 1993. Blindfold simuls are the hardest chess simuls to perform (because of the complexities of having a move messenger and retaining all the positions in your mind just to begin with describing) - a mental marathon - that is rarely seen in modern times. Also he is one of only six surviving players in the world out of only twenty to ever attempt 20 boards blindfolded (or more) and the only player of those six to still be actively giving blindfold simuls.







List of past Canadian Open winners, place and number of entrants compiled by Jonathan Berry, Globe & Mail chess columnist:



List of Canadian, provincial and local Champions and biographies compiled by David Cohen http://www.canadianchess.info/history






TORONTO ONTARIO – June 3, 2010. The 47th Canadian Open Chess Championship will be held at the Westin Harbour Castle July 10-19. The first Canadian Open was held in 1956 and since 1970 it has been the biggest annual event on the Canadian chess calendar.  When it was last held in Toronto in 1995 it attracted 303 players.


There is a substantial prize fund, in excess of $32,000, thanks to our sponsors including Deloitte, Manulife Investments, and Don Valley North Lexus/Toyota. This has attracted a number of world class players. We are excited to have eight International Grandmasters (from USA, Cuba, England, Georgia, India, Lithuania, Russia) and a dozen players with other recognized master titles including members of Canada’s chess Olympiad team. Competition will be fierce through the nine rounds of play.


A few average chess club players will also win $1,000 prizes. Any chess player can enter this open event and all play in the same section together with the grandmasters. Participants are male or female, 8 to 80 years old, even blind, or in a wheelchair. Players come from many ethnic backgrounds as chess is played around the world.


There will be prizes for Top Junior, Top Bantam, Top Lady and Top Senior.

Chess has expanded rapidly throughout the school systems in Canada and captured the imagination of gifted youngsters, many of whom will be participating. The recent passing of the first wave of “baby boomers” into retirement has also rekindled the interest of those who grew up in the “Fischer generation” of the 1960-70’s, and these too are well represented.


Those unable to attend in person will be able to follow the games live over the internet as players on the top boards will be entering their moves on handheld wireless devices developed by MonRoi Inc., a Montreal based company.


Rounds start at 6:00pm Sunday July 10, and at 6:00pm through the week, 2:00pm Saturday July 17 and 10:00am Sunday July 18. Photos are only allowed during the first five minutes of play. In the daytime there will also be lectures open to the public. On Sunday July 11, 11:00am Toronto Grandmaster Mark Bluvshtein will give a simultaneous to raise money for the Canadian Chess Olympiad team.




Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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