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Written by MonRoi Support on Tue, Sep 22 2009 (03:42)

From here, it's possible.

Texas Tech University prides itself on being a major comprehensive research university that retains the sense of a smaller liberal arts institution. Although enrollment is nearly 29,000, Texas Tech students boast of one-on-one interaction with top faculty and an environment that stresses student accomplishment above all else. We're large enough to provide the best in facilities and academics, but small enough to focus on YOU.

Texas Tech students come from every county in Texas, all 50 states and more than 90 foreign countries. Tech offers 150 undergraduate degree programs through 11 academic colleges, a graduate school and a school of law. We offer more than 100 master’s degree programs and over 50 doctoral degree programs.

Founded in 1923, Texas Tech is located on the South Plains of West Texas and carries the distinction of being the largest comprehensive higher education institution in the western two-thirds of the state of Texas.


Texas Tech SPICE Chess Scholarships


Through the efforts of the Knight Raiders Texas Tech began offering modest chess scholarships to high school students in the fall of 2005. Since then the program has grown from year to year. Below we describe the necessary qualifications and procedures needed to obtain a chess scholarship from Texas Tech.


Chess scholarships can be obtained from us in several different ways:

1) by earning or being awarded one at a tournament.
2) by officially requesting one.

In both instances the awarded must meet the conditions discussed below.

Who qualifies?

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

1. Applicants must meet the general admission requirements at Texas Tech or the Health Sciences Center. Moreover, it applies to both undergraduate and graduate students.

2. Applicants must have a active chess rating which is obtained through over-the-board tournament play. These ratings must be certified by a national organization such as the US Chess Federation (USCF) and or the World Chess Federation (FIDE). We do not accept ratings obtained through Internet play or by playing personal software programs. Moreover, the rating must be no older than two years.

How large is the scholarship?

The level of the scholarship depends on two things: level of chess mastery and the education level sought being sought. Undergraduates alone can qualify for the largest (even full) scholarships. Graduate students will qualify for the entry level scholarships to modest scholarships but rarely full scholarships (graduate students typically receive funding from their departments in the form of teaching or research assistantship). Below is a list of the level of funding provided.

1. Full Scholarship

This scholarship covers the tuition, fees and the cost of living (lodging and food) for a full-time student enrolled in our undergraduate programs. Full-time students carry a minimum load of nine hours per long semester. It is renewable for up to four years provided the student remains in good academic standing. These scholarships are typically reserved for Grandmasters (exceptions can be made for International Masters).

2. Tuition and Fees Scholarship

This scholarship covers tuition and fees for a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate program. The scholarship is renewable four years provided the student remains in good academic standing.

3. In-State Tuition Waiver

This scholarship is currently $1,000 per year. It comes in the form of a tuition waiver (in other words its is subtracted from the tuition bill). This scholarship also comes in-states tuition savings. In other words out-of-state and foreign students who receive it automatically get in-state-tuition. (This is equivalent to about $36,000 value)

Other Chess Funding

Even though you may not receive or qualify for any of the scholarships above you may still be able to receive support through our other chess activities such as workshops, summer chess camps, teaching in the local schools, and Super Saturdays.

Please send questions or inquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

SPICE website:

About the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE)

"The goal of SPICE is to work with our friends and colleagues to enhance chess, education, technology, research, etc." "I strongly believe that College Chess is a critical bridge between Scholastic and Adult Chess. If we can successfully promote College Chess, we will retain a lot more of our scholastic players and transition them to Adult Chess. Chess as a sport is not big enough yet and there is plenty of room to grow. Therefore, it is vital that we work together and assist each other for the best interest of our sport."

- Susan Polgar, Executive Director of SPICE

The Goal of SPICE

SPICE will become the premier center for chess education, research, technology, and outreach
SPICE will recruit outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to TTU and TTUHSC
SPICE will provide a substantial amount of scholarships to chess players
SPICE will be a world leader in promoting women's chess
SPICE will support the nation's most elite chess programs
SPICE will promote chess as vehicle for enriching the education of children
SPICE will support and promote competitive chess at the college level
Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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