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There is 132 players preregistered on august 25.

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or in French at:  Liste de joueurs


GM and IM participation
International GrandMaster Bator Sambuev will participate in the Montreal Open Chess Championship on september 11.



GM Bator Sambuev


Female Champion of Montreal
The organizing committee of the Montreal Open Championship has decided to add the title of "Montreal Female Champion" which will be provided to the best female performance of the Championship to be held from 11 to 13 September 2009.

The Montreal Open Championship is in discussion with several WGM around the world to get their interests and promote Chess among women here in Canada. The World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk can not participate this year but she did work to promote our cause on Facebook and she reserved a page on her personal website for women for our tournament. We appreciate her contribution to our decision to add the title Female Champion of Montreal through a message she sent to us.

With the world champion website, Facebook and Twitter, among other things we managed to get in contact with several talented women chess players.

WGM et MI Salome Melia (FIDE 2441)
Already we have secured the participation of the WGM Salome Melia. We have created a personal record on our list for this woman who is 44th in the world.

Thanks to our sponsor www.goddesschess.com who will pay Salome Melia plane ticket.



WGM et MI Salome Melia
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