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Chief Tournament Director

Mark S. Dutton

International Arbiter 2004

Canada's most prolific tournament organizer and director since 1972, having directed more than 400 tournaments

Served on Executive and Board of Directors of Toronto Chess Club, Greater Toronto Chess League, Ontario Chess Association, British Columbia Chess Federation; and more than 20 years as Governor of Chess Federation of Canada

President, club manager Scarborough Chess Club, 1993-8

Candidate Master; 1st place 1993 Macedonian Labour Day Open, Intermediate Section, with 5.5/6, $600 prize; active member of CFC, FQE, USCF 1972-95, playing many World Open, U.S. Open, National Opens all over North America

Founded Dutton Chess, with his wife and partner, Christine Dutton in 1998; assisted by son Warren Dutton, National Master and 3 time Canadian Junior Championship participant

Founder, manager Dutton Chess Club, Toronto, 1999.08-2002.12

Chief Arbiter, Toronto Closed and Reserves Championships, 2000-2

Organized, Chief Arbiter, 1st Toronto Summer International, 2000.08

Organized, directed 30th Ontario High School Championship, Toronto, 2000.05

Organized, directed 1st Ontario Women's Championship, Toronto, 2002.08

Chairman, National Appeals Committee, Chess Federation of Canada since 2002

Chief Arbiter, Canadian Closed & Zonal Championships, Toronto (77th: 2004.08, 78th: 2006.08)

Chief Arbiter, Grand Pacific Open, Victoria, British Columbia (2nd Annual: 2008.03)

Chief Arbiter, Grand Pacific Open, Victoria, British Columbia (3nd Annual: 2009.04)

Chief Arbiter, CYCC 2009 at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Victoria, BC (2009-07)

Chief Arbiter, Canadian Junior Championship 2009 at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia (2009-07)

Chief Arbiter, BC Open 2009 at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Victoria, British Columbia (2009-07)















U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8 Open and Girls. Sections with less than 8 players will be combined at Tournament Director's discretion. Section by age Born in 1991,1992 U18. Born in 1993,1994 U16. Born in 1995,1996 U14. Born in 1997,1998 U12 Born in 1999,2000 U10. Born in 2001 or later U8. 2 sections in each age age group. Open or girls only. Girls may play in Open




Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Canadian resident for at least 12 months. Players with any question about their own eligibility to compete should contact Ellen Nadeau, Canadian Youth Chess Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to verify eligibility. Failure to do so and not meeting the requirements could result in withdrawal from the tournament and/or ineligibility for awards.




Winners of each combined section and each section with 8 or more players receive $1000 toward expenses for their trip to Turkey to participate in the World Youth Chess Championship 2009. The WYCC are providing free board (meals and lodging) for winners of the 12 categories. More funding toward expenses will be provided to the winners if finances permit.




The CYCC is Canada's National Youth Chess Championships divided into age groups just like the OYCC and the WYCC (World Youth Chess Championships). It determines Canada's Youth Champions for their respective age groups.The CYCC also chooses the National team that goes to the WYCC.

Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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