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Winners of each combined section and each section with 8 or more players receive $1000 toward expenses for their trip to Turkey to participate in the World Youth Chess Championship 2009. The WYCC are providing free board (meals and lodging) for winners of the 12 categories. More funding toward expenses will be provided to the winners if finances permit.


Players who register before May 15th will receive a free T Shirt specially designed for the 2009 CYCC and Summer Chess Fest.  Make sure to include your size when registering.



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Canadian Youth Chess Championships 2009
This year's CYCC attracted a total of one hundred and twenty-nine players, competing in two-year age categories further divided by gender.  The trophy winners were as follows; additionally B.C.'s Joanne Foote and Janak Awatramani tied for fourth in their respective sections but lost the playoffs.  The below players qualify for the world competition, returning this year to Kemer-Antalya, Turkey, in November.
1 Kevin Wan (ON)
2 Daniel Zotkin (ON)
3 Yuanchen Zhang (ON)
1 Jiaxin Liu (ON)
2 Maggie Rose MacInnis (BC)
3 Constance Wang (ON)
1 Dezheng Kong (BC)
2 William Graif (US)
3 Oliver Kenta Chiku-Ratte (PQ)
1 Melissa Giblon (ON)
2 Aleksandra Milicevic (ON)
3 Janet Peng (ON)
1 Richard Wang (AB)
2 James Fu (ON)
3 Jack Qian (BC)
1 Rebecca Giblon (ON)
2 Jackie Peng (ON)
3 Zhanna Sametova (ON)
1 Thomas Kaminski (AB)
2 David Zhang (AB)
3 David Itkin (ON)
1 Alexandra Botez (BC)
2 Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina (AB)
3 Tina Fang (ON)
1 Karoly Szalay (ON)
2 Alexander Martchenko (ON)
3 Avinaash Sundar (ON)
1 Dalia Kagramanov (ON)
2 Samantha Powell (ON)
3 Karen Lam (BC)
1 Eric Hansen (AB)
2 Victor Kaminski (AB)
3 Kevin Me (SK)
1 Jasmine Du (NS)
2 Sonja Xiong (ON)
3 Marguerite Yang (PQ)

 U18 Open

U18 Girls

2008Ling-Feng YeJasmine Du
2007Ling-Feng YeGabrielle Nadeau
2006David WangAngèle Larocque
2005Mark BluvshteinAnastasia Kazakevich
2004Liam HenryAngel Xia
2003Gary NgDina Kagramanov
2002Warrick RolfeAnne-Marie Charbonneau
2001Pascal Charbonneau 
2000Pascal CharbonneauErin Walker

U16 Open

U16 Girls
2008Shiyam Thavandiran Dalia Kagramanov
2007Haonan ZhouSonja Xiong
2006Raja PanjwaniGabrielle Nadeau
2005Jonathan YuTiffany Tang
2004Jonathan TayarCornelia Dinca
2003Tomas KrnanAnastasia Kazakevich
2002Igor DivljanDinara Khaziyeva
2001HaoYuan WangAnne-Marie Charbonneau
2000Joseph LentiniBojana Mitrovic
 U14 OpenU14 Girls
2008Arthur Calugar Yelizaveta Orlova
2007Arthur CalugarYelizaveta Orlova
2006Shiyam ThavandiranSonja Xiong
2005Noam DaviesHazel Smith
2004Raja PanjwaniTiffany Tang
2003David WangCornelia Dinca
2002Mark BluvshteinAnastasia Kazakevich
2001Mark BluvshteinAnastasia Kazakevich
2000HaoYuan WangYamei Wang
 U12 OpenU12 Girls
2008Zi Yi (Joey) Qin Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina
2007Nikita KraiouchkineMyriam Roy
2006Arthur CalugarMyriam Roy
2005Lloyd MaiYelizaveta Orlova
2004Harris KaufmanSonja Xiong
2003Nikolay NoritsynHazel Smith
2002Raja PanjwaniTiffany Tang
2001Jonathan YuValentina Goutor
2000Thomas Roussel-RoozmonAlexandra Benggawan
 U10 OpenU10 Girls
2008William Graif Jackie Peng
2007Christopher KnoxRebecca Giblon
2006Richard LeuRegina-Veronicka Kalaydina
2005Aquino InigoMyriam Roy
2004Arthur CalugarAlexandra Botez
2003Lloyd MaiYuanling Yuan
2002Shiyam ThavandiranAlina Sviridovitch
2001Noam DaviesHazel Smith
2000Vincent CuevasHazel Smith
 U8 OpenU8 Girls
2008Joseph Bellissimo Kelly Wang
2007anak AwatramaniKelly Wang
2006Steven Leu 



Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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