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Victoria Chess 2009 Thank you to all those who helped make all the events a success PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Raymer on Sat, Aug 08 2009 (11:02)
I would like to thank all those who helped make the Summer Chess Fest, Canadian Youth Chess Championships and Canadian Junior Chess Championship in Victoria a success.

First, Thank you to our special guests, GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Mark Bluvshtein for your help to make the event memorable and for joining in on the live chess game outside the Royal BC Museum and the simuls and mingling and analysis and more. It was fortuitous to have the recent US (Closed) and recent Canadian (Open) champion playing each other in Victoria as part of the Summer Chess Fest and CYCC. Thank you for winning those events just prior to your arrival in Victoria.

Second, Thanks you to our officials for running a great event. I am especially grateful to MonRoi for in kind support and for providing equipment and many extras. Having Zeljka from MonRoi at our events was like having a team of people on site. The video and photo record on is impressive. Also, congratulations to Mark Dutton, Greg Churchill, Howard Wu and all our other TDs for very well run events. Amazing! Well done.

Third, Thank you to all who contributed your time and expertise. We had a large number of volunteers that contributed to a successful and well run event.

Forth, thank you to all the parents, family, friends and the chess community that helped support the travel and other expences for champions from across Canada to attend the CYCC. I know attending an event outside of one's own city can be costly from a time and money perspective. We appreciate your commitment to your child's interest and pursuit of chess.

Fifth, Thank you to all our sponsors for in kind and cash donations.
A special thank you to the Province of BC for providing a grant that helped provide the extra support to make the CYCC and CJCC great. Thank you to the City of Victoria for financially supporting the 1st Annual Summer Chess Fest. And thank you to the BC Chess Federation, Victoria Chess Club and Victoria Junior Chess for financial contributions to the events. Without your financial commitment it would have been impossible to convince others to contribute.

And finally, Thank you to all the players who worked hard to prepare for and compete in the CYCC. Without you there would not be a CYCC. I hope you had some great games (win or lose) and that you will continue to exceed in all your pursuits both on and off the chess board.

Link to complete list of Special Guests, Officials and Volunteers

Brian Raymer Chief Organizer Summer Chess Fest, CYCC and CJCC
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