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Written by brian raymer on Sun, May 10 2009 (18:39)
Here is an email I just received from a parent looking for some travel advice and my response. I am posting here to share some cost saving information.

Hi Brian,
I am trying to learn more about CYCC in Victoria and the main concern appears to be an accommodation in that city during the peak summer season. There are some hotels outside Downtown area or outside Victoria that offers lower rates (lower than Grand Pacific) but in such case finding parking near GP could be a challenge. What would be your advice in regarding to parking issue?

My answer.......

Parking is about $12/day at the Grand Pacific. And daily parking for about $5 is available nearby.

The Hotel Grand Pacific is recommended by the CYCC Organizing Committee. The rooms are large and the price includes many extras (free internet, health club and more). The Hotel Grand Pacific was voted the best hotel in Canada last year by Conde Naste readers choice awards. If you can afford it, I recommend it.

Parking on some nearby streets is free for a few hours at a time and after 6 pm parking is free until 9 am the next day. Victoria has very affordable parking and it is easy to find. Most people who work downtown walk, bus or ride bikes to work. Most tourists fly or take a ship to Victoria. I always find FREE parking in Victoria when I need it!

You can even park your car on the ocean front. Walk in along the Pacific Ocean to prepare for each round.

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