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1:0, 15/ 7/2008

Eric Hansen is one of the candidates to win the title in the boys under 16 category. He was defeated in the third round by Thavandiran, the current leader, but hours later, the courageous Eric came back to the battle, playing this wonderful game.

1. e4 e6

French Defense in a French town! What a coincidence, isn’t it?

2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e5 c5 5. a3 Bc3 6. bc

The Winawer variation arises, with all its complexity. Black gets a solid pawn’s structure, but White has an excellent play on the black squares and more space in the King side.

6...Ne7 7. h4!?

It is a modern treatment for this variation, basically, the idea is to create new weaknesses in the Black’s territory.

7...Qc7 8. Nf3 b6 9. h5 h6 10. Rh3! Ba6

One of the main ideas in the French is just to exchange this bishop, clearing the way for the two strong black knights.

11. Ba6 Na6 12. Nh4

Protecting the important "f5" square.

12... Nb8 13. Rg3 cd?!

It is not the right moment to open de position, the normal 13... Rg8 , protecting the pawn, was better.

14. cd Nbc6 15. a4!

If 15. Rg7?! Ne5! with counter play.

15... Na5 16. Ba3 Nc4 17. Rg7 Ne5 18. Kf1! Nc4 19. Kg1!

With the two last moves of his King, Eric is preparing, patiently, the counterattack.

19...Kf8 20. Be7!

Maybe it is not the best move , as we can see later on, but the most attractive one. Chess is also an art, and any player who tries to make it possible, accepting the risk to loose the game, deserves all our respect, that’s explain the exclamation mark. Instead, 20. Rg3 was the normal answer, with a promising attack for White.

20... Ke7 21. Qf3! With winning attack.

21. Qg4 Kh7 22. Bf6 Rhg8 23. Qf3 Nd2!

If 23... Nb2 24. Rb1! Qc2 25. Rb2 Qb2 26. Qd3 with a decisive advantage.

But 23... Rgc8 is more interesting, demanding from White the most accurate play, let´s see : 24. Re1! (24. Qd3 Kg8 25. Qf3 Kh7) 24... Nb2 (24... b5 25. Qd3 Kg8 26. Ng6! With a winning attack.)

25. c4!! Qc4 26. Be5 f5 27. Qa3! Re8 28. Re3 Rac8 (28... f4 29. Rc3 Qe2 30. Rc7 Kg8 31. Rg7 Kh8 32. Ng6#) 29. Rg3 Rc7 30. Bc7 Qc7 31. Qb2 With a decisive advantage for White.

24. Qd3 Ne4 25. f3 Qc3??

Hambleton missed the last chance to continue the fight . 25... Qf4! 26. fe de 27. Qf1 And surprisingly Black takes the initiative: 27... Rg4!

26. fe! Qa1 27. Kh2 Rg4 28. ed Kg8 29. de Qe1

More tenacious maybe it is 29... Qc1 but, after 30. ef Kf7 31. Ng6!! the black King can hardly survive : 31...Kf6 32. Qf3 Kg5 33. Qd5 Kf6 34. Qd6 Kf7 35. Qd7 Kg8 36. Qd5 Kg7 37. Qb7 Kg8 38. Qa8 Kf7 39. Qb7 etc.

30. Nf5! Qc1

30... Qe6 31. Nh6 Kf8 32. Qa3! Ke8 33. Ng4 Qg4 34. Qe7#

31. ef Kf7 32. Be5 Qg5 33. Qc4 Ke8 34. Qe6 Kd8 and Hambleton decided to resign. [1:0]

Chess Quotes

And for the chess-player the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named "combination."

-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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