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Written by Jack Su on Tue, Jul 15 2008 (07:31)

First of all, I would like to thank to Mr Richard Berube for inviting me to attend the 2008 CYCC. During the tournament I will comment some interesting games, and hopefully you will enjoy it.


Thavandiran, Shiyam - Hou Lee, Brian
1:0, 14/ 7/2008.


1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cd 4. Qd4!? Thavandiran decides not to take the risk to run into a complicate openings like Najdorf or Dragon. Nc6

[4... a6 is also possible.]


5. Bb5 Bd7 6. Bc6 Bc6 7. Nc3 Nf6 8. Bg5 e6 9. O-O-O Be7 10. Rhe1 Qc7?!


[10... O-O finishing the development, looks better. If White tries to capture the d6 pawn, it can be dangerous, for example : 11. Bf6 Bf6 12. Qd6 Qb6 13. e5 Rad8 14. Qa3 Bf3 15. gf Rd1 16. Nd1 Bg5 17. Kb1]



11. Bf6 gf?!


[Hou preffered not to loose the d6 pawn, but it looks the best solution, after11... Bf6 12. Qd6 Qd6 13. Rd6 Bc3 14. bc Ke7 and despite the pawn down ,Black has very good drawish chances, thanks to the vulnerability of the white´s pawns formation.]


12. Qe3 h5 13. Nd4 a6


[13... O-O-O 14. Nd5! ed 15. ed Bd5 16. Qe7 Qa5 17. a3 Bg2 18. Qf6And White is better.]


14. Rd3 b5 ? Brian Hou is looking for the initiative when it was time to think about the safety of his own King. 15. Nd5! Qb7?

[ Better move was15... Bd5 but after 16. ed e5 17. Nc6 White´s advantage is evident.]


16. Nc6 Qc6 17. Rc3! Qb7 18. Rc7 Qb8 19. Re7 Kf8 20. Qf4 f5 21. ef ed 22. Qg5 Ra7 23. f6 Rh7 24. Qg8! Kg8 25. Re8 Qe8 26. Re8# A good demonstration of the highest rated player in the CYCC. [1:0]

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-Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941)

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